Pfaltz & Bauer has been supplying rare & fine chemicals for laboratory, scale-up and manufacturing for over 100 years. If we don't have it we'll find it for you.

The Information You Need:
We supply Product Specification sheets and Certificates of Analysis, as well as SDS's (Safety Data Sheets) with every order. We also have chemists available to talk to you.

Tremendous Selection:
Don't assume we don't have it if you don't see it in our catalog. Contact us to see if we have the chemical you need. And if we don't we'll find it.

We find it fast:
If we do not have the chemical you want in stock, we'll perform the search, saving you valuable time and effort. We respond with a chemical availability status within hours, no more than 48 hours for the "toughest cases"

Bulk Quantities:
Bulk quantities of virtually any chemical we offer are available to meet your needs.

Custom Orders:
We will package custom quantities in virtually any size you need, not just in catalog quantities. No more small, unusable quantities that cost money to dispose of!

Storage Options:
Let us stock it for you. Our large warehouse facility allows us to store chemicals for you until you need them. We also have large, dedicated areas available for flammables, highly reactive materials, water reactive chemicals and temperature sensitive chemicals.

Quality Control
Our professional chemists and lab technicians follow strict quality control measures to ensure that your chemicals are of the highest quality and purity. Not only do we have the proper analytical equipment to check our chemicals, but we go the extra mile... At Pfaltz & Bauer we give our products a final check between the stockroom and packaging to ship to you. That last analysis guarantees you'll get the purity you need.