Don't all research chemical suppliers search for chemicals?
No, most suppliers sell only what they have in stock or in their catalog and will often not search for those hard to find chemicals you need.

Are all chemicals you offer in stock?
We have thousands of rare, discontinued, and unique chemicals in stock. But because of the nature of our business, we are often asked and we always strive to find rare chemicals which we don't stock.

Do you have an online version of your catalog?
Yes, in fact we've done better than simply having our catalog online. Rather than browse through a catalog, use our full-feature search engine to find the chemicals you need and get a quote right online.

How fast can I get the chemical I need?
We'll let you know within hours whether your requested chemical is readily available. If it's not, you can decide whether you'd like us to keep searching. We offer same-day shipping on a majority of orders.

Do you have distributors outside of the USA?
Yes, click here for our distributors list.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we currently accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Do you have a minimum quantity?
We can usually get chemicals in as small a quantity as your project requires, even if it's milligram quantities (minimum order is $60). We can also supply drum or larger quantities of most chemicals.

Why do prices occasionally change dramatically?
As in any business we are affected by supply and demand. When supplies of certain chemicals are depleted, they often need to be custom manufactured, usually at a much higher cost. We maintain a network of custom manufacturers who produce small as well as larger quantities.

Is there someone I can call if I have a problem?
Yes, we have both a technical service department, and customer service representatives who will be happy to help you. Please call (800) 225-5172 or contact us via email.